You know you are a Legal Nurse Consultant When:

Here are selected quotes from experienced LNC’s. Read the entire 29 stories of successful legal nurse consultants in our newly released book: The Path to Legal Nurse Consulting: The Collective Wisdom of Successful LNCs.

You know you are a Legal Nurse Consultant when:

Quitting your day job no longer seems impossible.

When asked what you do at a party, you no longer fall over your words.

You actually believe, deep in your heart, that you are as valuable as your brochure claims.

Your attorneys take one look at a case and call you instead of trying to do everything themselves and messing it all up.Your attorney-client emails and says, “The senior partner wants you to look at a set of medical records for deviations in care because as usual, we don’t have any idea.”

Your family and friends ask you if you have heard of their doctor and are relieved when you say no.

You learn that the correct answer to almost any question can be “It depends…”

You believe there are actually three sides: the plaintiff side, the defense side, and the truth.

Opposing counsel approaches you after a trial and tries to make small talk then asks for your business card, your experience and if you have an interest in working for the opposing counsel.

You ask someone you know well a question, don’t get a direct answer, and then say, “Would the witness please answer the question?”

Your mailman gives you that look, as he delivers the second file box of records up the two flights of stairs to your front door.

You used to meet malpractice and personal injury attorneys and hope you would never need their help. Now you meet malpractice and personal injury attorneys and are pretty sure they could use your help.

You feel as though butterflies (or worse) will surely fly out of your mouth or behind once you have finally mustered up the gumption to make that first cold call!

You find yourself screaming at the computer screen “No, she didn’t just document that!”

Your attorney says the medical records will be ready in a few days and you go ahead and plan a short vacation, maybe even a long vacation.

Your answer to your kids or husband asking repetitive questions is, “Asked and answered”.

You create a PowerPoint to get ideas across to family and friends.

Your attorney client tells you he couldn’t have won his case without your help and expertise.


One response to “You know you are a Legal Nurse Consultant When:

  1. Penny L. Fikes

    Love it! I look forward to having those very thoughts.


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